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What my clients are saying:

Thank you so much for the treatments. I had been having chronic pain in my left hip for a year and in order for it not to hurt worse I had to be very careful about how I moved and what I did. Massage and stretching often felt good but made it worse. After 3 treatments with you I can honestly say that I can now move freely with no pain! Amazing!

Chaella, Windsor, Ca.

“Randall is a gem! He was so tuned in to my condition and issues and after receiving an initial 90 minute treatment from him I have decided to take his advice and begin a 10 series of Structural Integration in order to re-tune my 72 year old body. I am looking forward to the future and a heather life style and a more comfortable well functioning body. Thumbs up for sure. He is a keeper. 👍 I recommend him highly.”

Dennis,  Oakmont, Ca.

“I have been rolfed before and thought I knew what to expect. When I began my body carried enough pain that it was difficult to sleep. After each week session parts of my body moved back into alignment. After the 10 series was complete my body moved again with a balanced fluidity that I had not felt for 30 years and with no pain. Although I had done Rolfing before working with Randall far exceeded my expectations. I can’t recommend him and the work enough.”

Laura, Santa Rosa, Ca.

“I found Randall online and was impressed with his skillset and testimonials, so I booked a massage, it was the best massage I have ever had!

I have been in pain for years now, due to office work and the pain was so severe, that I have wondered if I needed new hip joints/knee joints etc.

Active Release Technique (ART) originally got me out of the extreme muscle pain causing my sciatica along with chiropractic work, but I was still in a lot of pain.

Randall suggested after the first time I visited for massage, that I do a 10 session course of ROLFING and he encouraged me to read about it, I was in, and willing to try it!

Each session was amazing, I can’t even explain the relief I was getting from his techniques, I looked forward to each and every session with great enthusiasm, because I knew how much it was helping me.

I am very happy to say that I can now walk without pain, and I am very grateful to Randall for this!

If you experience ANY kind of pain in your body, do yourself a favor and book in with Randall for Rolfing, you will not be sorry!

I have my quality of life back again, and I was beginning to doubt that I would ever be out of pain again, and was so tired of relying on Advil daily.

Randall truly cares about his clients, and was very non-judgmental, I so appreciate this.”

Karen – Healdsburg



I write to tell you how much Rolfing and your practice of it have improved my life.

Last winter I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and referred for physical therapy. I followed at the advice my Doctors and the pain was stabilized but not substantially relieved.

I had XRays and MRI’s and was told to have bi-lateral epidural injections. Not a pleasant procedure but I did and was pain free for 1 and 1/2 days, yes, less than 2 days. It was starting to look like time for the knife when my son suggested trying Rolfing and sent me your contact information .

You suggested a 10 series and by the time we were half way through I was able to stand throughout my daughters wedding. After we finished the 10 sessions I was able to walk and stand much more easily. I am 70% symptom free and able to carry on with activities of daily living. I can live with this and have quit thinking about surgery.

Thank you again for a wonderful gift.”

Northbridge from Healdsburg


“Two and a half months ago, I decided to give The Rolf Method of Structural Integration a try. I’m 65, and I’d been thinking about it for years, as I experienced achilles tendonitis, a broken vertebrae, elbow tendonitis and shoulder issues. I’ve been active all my life, backpacking, swimming, dancing, gardening, hiking and remodeling my 125 year old house. But I was starting to feel old, and too sore to do the things I love, even with 3x a week swimming, daily exercise and stretching routine..

Last week I had my last appointment with Randall (series of 10 visits). I am frankly surprised and very happy, how significantly better I feel and move. I feel straighter, taller, and have way less stiffness in my hips, back, neck and shoulders. And one really odd thing is when I sing (am in a local choir), my voice is more powerful! My breath feels “deeper” and easier…

Obviously, I will always need to work at being healthy, strong and to take care of past injured “parts”. But I’m sold on Structural Integration as an amazingly effective modality to address issues that I thought were “unfixable”.

Randall is a delight. I thoroughly enjoyed almost(!) every moment of the ten visits. It was never the excruciating, painful bummer that I’d heard about in the 70’s. To the contrary, I felt supported, taken care of, and absolutely safe.”

All the best, S. A.


“M A G I C H A N D S. Seriously, if you go to anyone for body work other than Randall, you are selling yourself short. Real deal. Professional. Caring. Knowledgable. I’m super stoked to have found him. Never disappoints.”

Andie T. Santa Rosa, Ca.


“Randall is a very gifted and skilled therapist. I am a runner and he has kept me running and injury free. His technique is deep and effective but can also be gentle and therapeutic. He is an amazing rolfer but does therapeutic massage/bodywork as well. He has helped me with chronic neck and back pain, improved my range of motion, and helped with me with body mechanics.

Randall is professional, and listens to his clients and there individual needs/ concerns. He genuinely cares.

I am very particular about bodywork and feel I am in the best of hands with Randall.

I would highly recommend him to my friends, family, and my patients. He is an
amazing body worker.”

Elisa Washburn, D.O.


“Randall is an excellent bodywork therapist. I saw him for a series of 10 Rolfing sessions to help with a number of physical challenges, including tension in my mid-back, pain in my left glute, and stiffness/limited range of motion in my neck. Randall was professional, warm and welcoming and made the experience really enjoyable. He offered valuable tips for improving my posture and work ergonomics, which I really appreciated. I would highly recommend him (and actually have) to friends and family.”

Thanks, Randall!

S.M. Santa Rosa, Ca.


“Aloha Randall, I want to say a heartfelt thank you for your amazing work and the transformation that my body has undergone as a result. The ten Rolfing sessions you did for me have made such a dramatic positive impact on everything from my posture, to relieving the severe pain that I had experienced for years after my motorcycle accident. After two years of various therapies I had all but given up on being able to feel this good again. I’m now able to exercise regularly, I have tons more energy and really feel good about the way my body is shaping up. I really appreciate the phenomenal skills that you have developed in the field of Rolfing, and also the thoughtful manner in which you approach your profession. You truly are a blessing to anyone looking to improve their life!”

Rocky Barnett, Mahalo Nui Loa! 


“Hi Randall, I would like to express my gratitude for your helpful and healing assistance for my back problem. I presented to you after suffering an acute lower back episode. We spent 5 sessions together during which you observed where my body was out of alignment, which muscle groups were tight and being overly stressed, and how my body posture and movement were being compromised. You then went about correcting these misalignments and imbalances using your vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology, years of experience, and healing energy. I would not hesitate to return to you in the future if further problems arise. I would recommend you to anyone having back or neck problems or any issues associated with diminished mobility or poor postural imbalance.”

All the best – Stephen B. Oshry, MD


“Randall is an amazing therapist! He has helped me with many issues from a locked up quadratus lomborim to neck injuries. He also noticed that my gate is off kilter because of poor body mechanics and past injuries. So, I now consciously effort to correct my movements. Being a therapist myself, I have learned some wonderful techniques from him that I integrated into my own practice. His knowledge base and experience is vast and his integrity and passion for his practice is very evident in his therapeutic work. I recommend Randall highly and am grateful for all that he has helped me heal and learn. Thanks Randall! :)”

Chloe H. Santa Rosa, Ca.


“Hi Randall: I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work that you do. I came to you with chronic back pain. I have been in pain consistently for three years. You recommended a series of five sessions. From the first one, I felt better. But after the last one, I experienced no back pain! What relief. My whole body seems to move more smoothly and more comfortably. I would recommend your services without hesitation to others who have chronic back pain.”

Best, Anne


“I have over 20 years of Bodywork training and experience in several modalities. Randall is a unique and special Body worker. He knows what he is doing. This fact is evident after each and every one of our sessions, as I feel lighter overall, my aches and pains are greatly reduced, and the main physical challenges I have been suffering with for years are gone altogether. This work has improved my body’s alignment which has had a direct impact on my overall well-being and the ease of my daily functioning.

I highly recommend Randall, this work, and you will too once you experience his skilled healing.”

Richard Fishman, Maui, Hawaii.


“If you have ever wondered what the Rolf Method of Structural Integration might do for you, let me recommend Randall Saulsbury. Randall has the attentiveness and skill required to be very proficient in this work. I leave his sessions feeling taller, lighter and freer in my movements. This work goes far beyond most body work; it makes long lasting changes that restore your body’s innate intelligence.”

Marc Sheehan, The Health and Wellness Real Estate Broker Maui Hawaii


“This is the most profound, results-oriented work that I have ever received – on all levels. Randall’s proficiency and dedication to his craft shines through with genuine ease and compassion. I highly recommend this to anyone who is ready for real change”

Thank you Randall – Daisa Terain, Maui, Hawaii


“After being diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, I suspected that my foot pain was a symptom of bigger issues. I consulted with Randall, as his rolfing skills were highly recommended by a LMT & it was immediately evident that the knowledge he’s developed through years of study & experience as a massage therapist, personal trainer & Rolf practitioner would be extremely beneficial to me.

With each passing session, it became more & more evident that “our biography becomes our biology”! Initially, I began the 10 series to PHYSICALLY get from point B back to point A, but during the process, I learned a lot about both physical AND emotional patterns that I’d developed along life’s path — many of which were playing out in my posture, habits and belief systems.

The beauty in this approach was observing first hand how an extensively trained & gifted practitioner can facilitate the healing process on multiple levels. I was so grateful that Randall could carefully & sensitively guide me through this process and I would highly recommend him without hesitation.”

Most sincerely – Trina


“I experienced great results with Randall during my first 10 series of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. He is extremely knowledgeable about the working of the human body and is highly sensitive to the individual variations of his clients. I would highly recommend him for those looking to reorient themselves in the world”

Lance D. Collins, Esq.


“Randall’s work creates an impact on the body and psyche. In the physical sense, there are adjustments to

the experience of living that can be noticed in perpetuity. Changes were made that are observable, bring ease to both exercise and rest, and open the body to a natural state of comfort, balance, and strength. On the psyche, the effects are not only, but certainly, reductions in persistent attitudes both about the body and about life in general. Although they are subtle, the ongoing feeling of elimination of stress yields a new attitude defies mere verbal description. Overall, I would recommend this work to anyone for an enhanced quality of life.”

Thank you, Randall – Dan Dismukes, Maui Hawaii


“Amazing is all that comes to my mind at this time. I have been to many spas all over the world and  Randall was incredible.  So technically skilled yet so relaxing. I will definitely come again and again.”

Marilyn H. Santa Rosa, California


“The incredible massage I just got from Randall Saulsbury is worthy of 5 stars.  This was the best I ever had, intuitive, the right amount of pressure and a real feeling of being “de-toxed”.  I never write reviews, but I will just to encourage you all to try him.”

Laura H. Santa Rosa, California


“I have tried every diet and gimmick available prior to my experience with Randall nothing has worked.Now I look and feel better than ever! Thanks Randall”

Rachael, Lahaina


“My weight had ballooned to 280 lbs after moving to Maui. The final straw came when I went to the canoe club to begin recreational outrigger canoe paddling and I did not have the strength to re-enter the canoe after it had tipped over. I was embarrassed and knew that it was time to finally do something. A friend gave me Randall’s number and one year later I have never felt better. He has taught me how to incorporate the components of good nutrition, positive thinking, and balanced exercise into my life so that one year later, I am 165 pounds and 15% body fat, and actually racing single man outrigger canoes and winning medals in my age group. I cannot thank you enough, Randall.”

Rich K. Makena, Maui


“I worked with Randall for 6 weeks over a recent trip to San Francisco.  I am a long time member of a gym in Austin and have been working with trainers for 20 years.  He helped me re-evaluate my fitness program and integrate my program.  I developed a lot of flexability and my joint pain went down substantially.  Excellent guy!”

Tom B. Austin, Texas


“Randall worked on me for an hour and a half, and I have to say that that was the most amazing massage I have ever had in my life! I was on another planet for several hours afterwards. His sensitivity to my needs, an intuition for the perfect amount of pressure, and his talent for making me feel like a “whole person” from head to toe, was utterly amazing! Next time I am in town I will be sure to schedule another appointment. I just wished I lived closer!”

Lisa Gilgas, Seattle Washington


I have worked with Randall for over a year. His ability to understand
and work with the body for optimum results is amazing!!
His skills range from rolfing to therapeutic massage.
He is a very sensitive and compassionate person who really cares and
wants to help his clients achieve the best possible health.
I highly recommend his work for anyone who wants to feel better in their bodies!

Thank you, Randall.
Sharon Wonderlich


I had a myofascial massage and 10 sessions of Rolfing with Randall, and I couldn’t be more grateful. There is discernible difference in my posture and more ease in my body. It doesn’t take as much effort to stand while working anymore and my my neck and shoulders, which suffered from years of bad posture, feel more relaxed and aligned.

Randall is an expert. He’s highly skilled and intuitive, and knew exactly where I needed work. I’d often find myself wondering, “How did you know it was THAT point? I didn’t even know that!” As a result, in addition to the benefits of Rolfing, I also began to understand my body on a deeper level.

Randall was generous with his time and knowledge as well. He made recommendations for books when I asked to learn more. 

Randall is easy to be around, friendly, and professional. II have already recommended him to friends and family for deep massages and Rolfing. 

Hasmig, Rhonert Park

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