Rolf Method of Structural Integration

1 Session- $170.00

10 Series paid following first session- $1,600

Massage Therapy

Integrative- Lomi-Lomi- 60 min. $110.00

Integrative- Lomi-Lomi- 90 min. $150.00

Deep Tissue-Sports-Myofascial- 60 min. $110.00

Deep Tissue-Sports-Myofascial- 90 min. $150.00

Pre-Post Surgery-60 min. $110.00

Pre-Post Surgery-90 min. $150.00

(808) 280-3838


One thought on “Rates

  1. Ramdall,

    It has been over 40 years since I had the 10 sessions and am thinking of doing that again.

    Back then the sessions were a week apart. But I am wondering if that much time between sessions is really necessary. I am wanting to correct my posture as much as possible before having a custom dressmakng form for my tailoring a suit for myself.
    ( needed to fit thing correctly since I can fit drape and things on my own body like I can someone else )

    Thank you, Roy

    (707) 433-8213

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